Danube River and Djerdap Gorge

Golubac Fortress

Danube River, Djerdap Gorge

Lepenski Vir, Archaeological Site

Visit Viminacium Roman archaeological site from the 1st century. Visit Golubac Fortress from the 14th century, beautiful medieval fortresses on the place where the Danube is widest (6,5 km). Drive along the river that is the second longest in Europe, where formed the longest gorge in Europe – Djerdap Gorge that’s 99 kilometers long, and where the River is 100 meters deep. Some of the first European civilizations were spread at this area. Lunch at the restaurant on a hill above Danube River. Visit the Lepenski Vir archaeological site that is one of the oldest urban settlements in Europe (7000 years BC). Transfer back to Belgrade.

DURATION: 12 hours

PRICE: Contact us

INCLUDES: entrance to Viminacium and Lepenski Vir, lunch, transfers, tour guide