Team building Belgrade

Off-Road 4*4

Boat cruise

Target shooting

Team building in Belgrade offers you and your team a lot of different activities. Read the description below.


There’s nothing quite like 4×4 driving for taking teams out of their comfort zones! If you’re looking for a team building challenge that’s fun, exhilarating, demanding and rewarding, all roads point to this blood-pumping off-road activity.

DURATION: 4 hours

PRICE: 65€ per person

INCLUDES: Proffesional driver, tour guide, food.

Target shooting

Shooting activities are a great way to break down barriers and bond a team – the adrenaline rush is amazing and mastering marksmanship skills is incredibly rewarding. It’s all about team building through shared experience in an unusual environment.

DURATION: 30 minutes

PRICE: from 20€

INCLUDES: 25 bullets from 4 pistols and instructors included.


Get the perfect view to Serbia nature during paragliding flight professional paragliding trainers. At mountain top all guests have trained with paragliding trainers (some of them are European champions), then you will do tandem paragliding flight (it depends on the wind and other weather conditions, and each guest is specific).

DURATION: 15 minutes of flight

PRICE: from 80€

INCLUDES: Paragliding trainers, after the flight is organized transfer back to starting point, with open-air barbecue lunch and drinks.

Kayak Adventure

This tour takes place on Danube and Sava River, around Great War Island, Belgrade Fortress and New Belgrade. This contrast between wilderness and urban ambiance makes this adventure special and relaxing.

DURATION: 2 hours

PRICE: 30€ per person

INCLUDES: full equipment and instructors included.


Ada Ciganlija Lake is located 5 kilometers from Belgrade downtown. It is a beautiful place where you can find everything that you need for a good time and fun.

DURATION: 2 hour

PRICE: from 25€ per person

INCLUDES: full equipment and instructors included.

Bungee Jumping

Ada Ciganlija Lake is located 5 kilometers from Belgrade downtown. There is one of the most beautiful and prominent bungee jumping centers in the world, with a height of 55m.

DURATION: 30 minutes

PRICE: from 25€ per person

INCLUDES: full equipment and instructors included.

Adventure Park 

Ada Ciganlija Lake is located 5 kilometers from Belgrade downtown. The adventure park is a polygon where visitors can be entertained and recreated. Here you can spend the day in an exciting, fun and interesting way.

DURATION: 1 hour, 19 obstacles.

PRICE: from 15€ per person

INCLUDES: full equipment and instructors included.


Paintball is dynamic action, transferred with the help of modern technology, from computer screens directly into real life. This is a game for people who are thinking. Lack of concentration leads to elimination.

DURATION: 1-2 hours, at open air or closed shooting range

PRICE: from 20€

INCLUDES: full equipment included


Golf club Belgrade is founded 2002. Club is located on stunning peninsula Ada Ciganlija and it is only 4km away from city center and 9km away from Nikola Tesla airport.

Number of holes is 9 – 1 golf course.

PRICE: highest green fee weekdays from 60€

PRICE: highest green fee weekend from 70€

INCLUDES: full equipment and instructors included.

Horse riding

This unique style of horse/human interaction is an effective approach to team building and leadership development and is a powerful metaphor for the work environment.

DURATION: 1 hour

PRICE: 30€ per person

INCLUDES: full equipment and instructors included.

Escape Room

Unlike other team building activities, the Escape Room Games forces people to work together and communicate in order to reach a shared goal. And without the distractions of phones and outside interactions, people really get to know their teammates and discover more about them.

DURATION: 1 hour

PRICE: 10€ per person

GROUP SIZE: 2-5 participants.


Team building idea that will set the bar of breaking down the awkward barrier between employees is our chartered boat cruise. What’s unique about our boat cruise is that we encourage you to bring a whole new level to team building.

Your team building Belgrade activities are ended with the gala dinner party with fireworks.

– Off-road

– Target Shooting

– Cruise

– Transfers

– Lunch including a drink

– Guide

– Fireworks

– Dinner including a drink

– Party