Zasavica Nature and Sirmium Roman Capital

Krusedol Monastery, Fruska Gora

Sirmium archaeological site, Sremska Mitrovica

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Nature Reserve Zasavica

Visit Krusedol Monastery from the early 16th century as the most important of 16 medieval monasteries built on Fruska Gora Mountain. Sightseeing of Sirmium archaeological site with the well preserved Roman imperial palace. Sirmium City was one of 4 capitals of the Roman Empire during the period of tetrarchy in the 3rd century. Visit Zasavica nature reserve, with picturesque biodiversity mosaic of forests, meadows, river banks, rare plants, and animals. Photo-safari cruise in Zasavica, and special lunch, a stew made of an old type of pork called Mangulitza, or Podolsko govece beef that was common in Serbia in the 19th century. Drive back to Belgrade.

DURATION: 8 hours

PRICE: Contact us

INCLUDES: entrance to Sirmium and Zasavica, cruise in Zasavica, lunch, transfers, tour guide